Machine embroidery is a quality way to transfer pictures on many items of clothing and accessories. Nowadays it is highly used in product branding, corporate advertising, uniform adornment, etc. 

Comparing with other methods of image transfer the embroidery technology is characterized by high image stability and durability. Modern embroidery production capabilities are extremely broad; the range of the capabilities is being enlarged by the use of modern materials.

Computer embroidery looks the most presentable of all possible types of application. This is a complicated process that allows of putting an image in the most beautiful and aesthetic manner of all invented. 

Modern equipment ensures extremely accurate and high-quality application of embroidery on various textiles, including skin. 

Embroidery is applied in two ways: satin stitch and cross stitch. It allows performing a wide range of embroidery application on various items of clothing, including: 

- Advertising and souvenir T-shirts and baseball caps

- Uniforms, overalls (for medical workers, shops, factories)

- Traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirts/blouses

- Traditional Ukrainian ritual towels

- Interior items (tablecloths, napkins, towels)

- Table flags, chevrons, pennants.